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A household name in the demolition and remediation world.


Vermeulen Contractors is a household name in the demolition and remediation world. The services are provided with respect for the individual and care for the environment. The continuity of the company can only be guaranteed by striving for consistently high quality of service to our clients. The character of the company is reflected in the execution of complex projects. From carrying out work in the petrochemical, industrial, maritime and offshore sectors. The environment factor is an important quality pillar of society and this is reflected in a recycling rate of more than 95% of waste. The environment is also our top priority. We strive to recycle all waste material as much as possible. For more information about Vermeulen Contractors, please visit our website. We hope that your visit to our website provides you with the information you require. It is also always possible to get acquainted and/or request our documentation and information. Vermeulen Contractors does not think in problems but in solutions.


Soil and tank remediation


An effective approach is required when removing or preventing soil contamination. An approach that leads to a sufficient and total solution.  (more…)

Asbestos removal


Vermeulen Contractors has extensive experience in the various disciplines of demolition, which also includes the removal of any asbestos-containing products present. (more…)

Disassembly works


Vermeulen Contractors has extensive experience in the various disciplines of disassembly work and is characterized by a thorough and resourceful approach to projects.  (more…)

Demolition works

Nowadays, demolition is more than just blowing up a building or using a wrecking ball to level a building. Because space has become a precious commodity in our heavily populated country.  (more…)



Vermeulen Contractors is also involved in various maritime projects such as the remediation of seagoing ships and special vessels. We have the necessary experience and qualified personnel who can carry out this independently.  (more…)


We apply a strict quality management policy when it comes to the safety, environmental and organizational aspects of projects. Safety, sustainability and the importance of corporate social responsibility are central. In-house, Vermeulen Contractors has a GVA statement, a NIWO certificate and all staff have a VOG statement.



Vermeulen Contractors specializes in the reuse of old released construction and installation products. When carrying out a demolition project, most of the materials released can be sorted and considered for recycling. Materials can be reused (recycled) in two ways: Recycling of materials based on reuse of the function of these materials such as window frames, doors or stairs and the like. These materials are used elsewhere as a frame, door or staircase. Or the material is used as a raw material for new products, such as rubble, wood, glass and the like. Our aim is to recycle waste materials as much as possible. Unfortunately, recycling is not (yet) possible for a number of materials. Consider asbestos, for example. This product must be disassembled and disposed of with great care. Asbestos may not be processed and is therefore stored at an approved landfill location. Vermeulen Contractors has years of experience in removing asbestos-containing materials. All asbestos is professionally removed by our specialists and transported to an approved storage facility. During a total demolition, many materials can be reused. Consider, for example: floor coverings, doors and posts, wooden floors, kitchen units, sanitary facilities, window frames/glass, cupboards and furnishings, roof coverings, etc. etc. To maximize recycling, it is necessary that the above-mentioned activities are manually dismantled and sorted. On many of our projects we achieve a percentage of more than 95% recycling of the released materials.

Certificates Vermeulen

Vermeulen Contractors applies a strict quality policy when it comes to safety, environmental and…
organizational aspects of a work. Our quality system has been assessed by TUV Nederland B.V. This
certification body is recognized by the Accreditation Council. Vermeulen Contractors is owned in-house
of the Asbestos Removal Process Certificate in accordance with Appendix
Working Conditions Regulations, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, BRL SVMS-007, VCA**, VCA-P, BRL SIKB 7000 and NIWO
certificate. These assessment guidelines include requirements regarding:

  • the demolition process, the processing and disposal of the released materials
  • requirements for management and the business process
  • removal of asbestos in accordance with legislation and regulations
  • carrying out soil remediations in accordance with legislation and regulations and the applicable guidelines
  • requirements set by the government with regard to occupational safety and the environment

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